We were approached by an experiential marketing company which needed a system to streamline their field operations as far as managing their field agents and capturing and transmitting sales data in real time for their clients to see as proof for their marketing activities. The key problems the system had to solve included;

  • Agents discipline and compliance monitoring while implementing field sales activities
  • Authentication of the sales data collected by the agents
    • Capture attendance records and manage payroll for the agents
  • Capture market sensus and visualize it.
  • Generate reports in real time for management and relevant stakeholders


We held meetings with their management and all the users to be for the system to get the whole scope of their problem. Then we set out to solve this problem by customizing our SaapCRM to meet their needs in particular. The key milestones included;

  • We trained their sales agents to use our mobile app to;
    • Add all the outlets in their areas of assignment which they were assigned to
    • Key in sales data and submit it in the frequency in which they were required
    • Take photos within the app and submit them with the execution of each sale activity
    • Check in to their locations at the start of their shifts at work
  • We trained the other users on how to log in to their relevant dashboard differentiated by their unique user type, name and passwords.
  • We designed templates for the reports to be generated by the system for management and other stakeholders.


With the system up and running, we were able to automate a number tasks for each user leaving them to focus their efforts on their core functions which improved the agency’s efficiency and outcomes by more than 50%. The main achievements included;
- The management was able to capture the discipline and compliance of the agents to the sales activities in the field hence it improved their performance significantly reducing significantly the number of agents per campaign
- With the checks and balances built into the system like time tags, GPS tags, and photos captured as proof of execution of a sales activity, authentic data was captured eliminating the possibilities of cooked data.
- Agents were happy with the automation of the repetitive tasks leaving them with more time to interact with clients/retailers increasing hence their sales activities