Mastermind Tobacco Kenya, a cigarette manufacturing company approached us with a sales and distribution challenge. As we know cigarette companies are not allowed to advertise their products hence they have to have a very strong distribution network of dealers, distributors, stockists and retailers. Mastermind needed a system that would;
- Track their sales agents as the supplied their products to the stockists.
- Map all retail outlets that sold their products.
- Capture sales data and stock levels in real-time.
- Generate reports on the data collected for decision making.


SaapCRM was the solution Mastermind took with a few customizations and configuration and training for the users of the system. The key activities in the process included;
- Held a meeting with our client to fully understand the extent of the problem and its requirements.
- Developed a mobile app for the sales agents with geo-tagging & timestamping that utilised GPS to track the sales agents discipline.
- Added a feature in the mobile app where sales agents would add existing and new outlets from their mobile app when in the field and all outlets can be viewed on a map at the back end.
- Designed mobile workflows that can capture all their sales data and transmits it in real-time to the backend.
- Developed interactive dashboard which display reports being generated by in-built analytics in our system.


With the implementation of SaapCRM, the sales agents mapped and continue to map new outlets that sale Mastermind products, report all the sales data in real-time at the outlets and they are visible on the backend dashboards with ease. Major highlights include;
- With the automation of the manual tasks of the sales agents, the sales agents are left to focus more on collection of data and interaction with retailers. This has significantly improved the sales agent discipline.
- With the geographical visibility of outlets, management can see where to promote their products as well as plan their distribution routes.
- Sales data captures has enabled quick replenishment and prevention of stock-out scenarios.
- Strengthened distribution channel and ability for Mastermind to reach more outlets in the region however remote.