SaapCRM Case Studies

Some examples where SaapCRM is being applied


CRM use case - Mastermind Tobacco Kenya


Mastermind Tobacco Kenya, a cigarette manufacturing company approached us with a sales and distribution challenge. As we know cigarette companies are not allowed to advertise their products hence they have to have a very strong distribution network of dealers, distributors, stockists and retailers. Mastermind needed a system that would;
- Track their sales agents as the supplied their products to the stockists.
- Map all retail outlets that sold their products.
- Capture sales data and stock levels in real-time.
- Generate reports on the data collected for decision making.

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Saapcrm for an experiential marketing agency

We were approached by an experiential marketing company which needed a system to streamline their field operations as far as managing their field agents and capturing and transmitting sales data in real time for their clients to see as proof for their marketing activities. The key problems the system had to solve included;

  • Agents discipline and compliance monitoring while implementing field sales activities
  • Authentication of the sales data collected by the agents
    • Capture attendance records and manage payroll for the agents
  • Capture market sensus and visualize it.
  • Generate reports in real time for management and relevant stakeholders

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