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Some examples of where/how SaapCRM is/can being applied in real-world.


How To Get Started With SaapCRM

SaapCRM is our data collection and field agents management platform. It enables one to quickly design data collection forms or surveys and deploy to field agents who then collect the data in real time. The project manager can then view the data at the backend on an interactive dashboard as it being collected and get analytic reports based on some variable for quick decision making. Setting it up is as follows;

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Decision Making Today with SaapCRM

Decision making is a force that shapes our destiny. Be they personal, institutional or organisational, decisions made in the past determine where we are. That’s why the decision making process is critical to any individual, organisation or institute’s management.

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SaapCRM; your gateway from Pen & Paper data collection method

For long, conducting surveys and data collection from the field has been the process of designing the survey conducting forms on paper, typing in the form in excel or a word document then printing several copies of that document to be used by field agents to collect the data. On the day the project starts, all this material has to be disseminated to the various locations plus pens to equip the field agents to collect the data.

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Streamline your decision making process with SaapCRM

Decision making is very critical and we all make decisions every time. But how can we do it right? It's a question everyone would like to know because we all want to get our expected gain when we decide to take some action. To make the right decision we have to estimate the odds of us getting the expected gain if we decide to do some action. The problem comes when we over/underestimate the odds of our expected gain from an action or when we misestimate the value of our expected gain and that's what results in bad decisions.

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Collect good quality data with SaapCRM

Statistics are very important to humanity in that they help us understand our society and ourselves better hence we can be able to make meaningful decisions about our lives. For example we can not effectively decide on what amount of resources to direct to healthcare if we do not know how many healthcare facilities do we have and what proportion of society has access to those facilities.

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Beat professional burnout with SaapCRM

The major causes of professional burnout in many industries include; employees spending almost half of their professional time typing, clicking and checking boxes on electronic records as they enter and share data that is useful for decision making. This reduces their productivity to a large extent yet this process of capturing and disseminating information is critical.

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SaapCRM; your link to Big Data

Everything that people do generates a lot of data that can be used in a myriad of ways. Large volumes of complex and variable data(Big Data), are generated from our daily transactions and activities that need to be captured and utilized to inform us of ourselves and our environment.

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Project monitoring with SaapCRM

Every year billions of money are spent on public investment projects and programs many of which fail. This is partially due to the fact that little or no due diligence is done to look into the suitability of these projects and programs to the society as far as their priorities and needs are concerned.

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SaapCRM as a unifying and tracking tool.

Currently we are experiencing the 4th industrial revolution which unlike the previous revolutions is a fusion of technologies characterised with unprecedented scope, velocity and systems impact.

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SaapCRM Research Tool

Research, which is defined as a careful and detailed study into a specific problem, issue or concern using scientific methods is under pressure to transition from the the traditional methods and techniques of collecting data with self-administered questionnaires, transcribing and coding the data to statistical software like SPSS for analysis to complex and sophisticated methods and techniques afforded with advances in mobile technology and Big Data.

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Capture location specific data with SaapCRM

Everything happens somewhere. Hence the increased need from decision makers to demand for data with a location tag on it. Presenting data spatially helps its stakeholders to understand not only what happens

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SaapCRM as a Geospatial Data Collection Tool

The need for geospatial data has been growing in demand as geotagging data provides location specific insights into the distribution of needs and how to optimize investments to meet those needs. For example;

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SaapCRM for Data Revolution

The main roles of a statistician include gathering data, making the best sense out it and displaying it. This in turn helps companies and (non) government organisations to spot trends and make predictions enabling them to make the right decisions.

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Facilitating data collection and analysis with SaapCRM

According to data science researchers, sub-saharan countries should invest in real time data collection and analysis to speed up their development goals. However this sector faces challenges which are barring them from reaching their full potential.

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Real-time data collection and analysis with SaapCRM

Without real time data and analysis companies in this era are as blind and deaf wandering out onto the web like a deer on a freeway

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