All an Agency Needs

SaapCRM automates the whole process of managing the teams from start of the project to the closure reports.

Eliminate Paperwork

SaapCRM allows the organization to move away from pen and paper traditional reporting and using spreadsheets by availing data collected from the teams and reports in real-time.

Realtime Tracking

SaapCRM is a real-time reporting/monitoring system that allows seamless operation between the field agents and their managers.


SaapCRM Features

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What can SaapCRM do for you?

SaapCRM allows in-time decision making based on factual processed data served in predetermined dashboard elements. It has the following features

  • Mobile based agent reporting

    SaapCRM allows agents to report from their mobile devices, using a form template generated at the backend. No more paper forms!

  • Real-time reporting

    Using SaapCRM, data collected is available immediately in real-time for reports generation, exporting to excel and for client to view if the agency so desires.

  • Project based dashboards

    SaapCRM takes security and access control seriously. The platform has different dashboards for IT admins monitoring the system, project managers and clients. Each role can access different reports and sections of the system depending on their rights.

  • GPS location tracking

    With SaapCRM you can configure the platform to track your agents in real-time and know where they are with a click of a button. Also, SaapCRM only allows agents to report when they are within the set outlet radius, this way you are sure your agents actually reported to work.


More SaapCRM Features

With proper and digital documentation of all the details of the teams SaapCRM allows the project manager to focus on his/her core objective of the project. Here are more SaapCRM features:-

  • Attendance

    SaapCRM has the check in and check out features that allows the agents to check in when they report to an outlet and check out when they are done working. That way, you can easily compute the number of hours your agents worked.

  • Real-time photo uploads

    Need pictures of the outlet? SaapCRM got you covered. No more confusion of 10s of BAs sending pictures of their outlets using popular messaging platforms that were not designed for the job.

  • Reported data export to Excel

    Data from SaapCRM can be easily exported to excel for further processing or sharing with a legacy system.

  • Field agent payroll generation

    Improve efficiency of your workforce using SaapCRM. The platform allows you to generate a payroll of your workforce using attendance data and only pay BAs who actually worked.

SaapCRM Price

Unlock value for your agency using the SaapCRM automation software.

  • Plan Features
  • Data Collection
  • Realtime Reports
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Unlimited BAs
  • 1 Week free Training
  • Attendance Feature
  • Realtime Tracking
  • Payroll Generation
  • Leads Feature
  • Support
  • Free support
  • Documentaton & Tutorials